Our Investments


TerraVest Industries Inc.

TerraVest Industries Inc. is a manufacturer of home heating products, propane and natural gas liquid transport vehicles and storage vessels, energy processing equipment and fiberglass storage tanks. Additional information regarding this company is available at www.terravestindustries.com


Trican Well Service Ltd.

Trican Well Service Ltd. is a Canada-based oilfield services company with a focus on hydraulic fracturing, cementing, coil tubing and other related services. Additional information regarding this company is available at www.tricanwellservice.com


Holloway Lodging Corporation

Holloway Lodging Corporation consists of our investment in hotels as well as a hotel management business. Holloway Hotels owns and operates 20 hotels with 2,376 rooms across Canada, primarily in secondary and tertiary markets. Holloway Management Services was formed in 2019 and currently manages 40 hotels. Additional information regarding Holloway Hotels is available at www.hlcorp.ca and regarding Holloway Management Services at www.hollowaymanagementservices.ca


La Traverse Rivière-du-Loup – St. Siméon Ltée

La Traverse Rivière-du-Loup – St. Siméon Ltée is a passenger and car ferry operating on the St. Lawrence River under contract with the Government of Québec since 1973. The ferry has a capacity of 400 passengers and 100 cars and completes over 800 trips a season carrying more than 130,000 passengers. Additional information regarding the ferry business is available at www.traverserdl.com



Clarke owns three vacant Class A office buildings in Houston, TX, which it intends to lease up and/or redevelop, and a vacant parcel of land in Moncton, NB.