Board of Directors

George Armoyan

George Armoyan is President of Geosam Capital Inc. and Executive Chairman of Clarke Inc. Mr. Armoyan is an entrepreneur with extensive experience in real estate and capitalizing on turn-around opportunities. Mr. Armoyan serves on the Board of Clarke Inc. and TerraVest Industries Inc.

Blair Cook

Blair Cook is CFO of Horizon Maritime Services Ltd., a company engaged in the operation of offshore oil support vessels in Canada and Norway. Mr. Cook serves on the Board of TerraVest Industries Inc. Mr. Cook holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Acadia University, a Masters of Business Administration from St. Mary’s University and obtained his Chartered Professional Accountant’s designation in 1995.

Brian Luborsky

Brian Luborsky is Chairman & CEO of Beauty Express Canada Inc., one of the largest operators of spas, salons, beauty bars, barbershops and beauty stores in North America. Mr. Luborsky earned a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Toronto and received his Chartered Professional Accountant’s designation in 1982.

Charles Pellerin

Charles Pellerin is a Partner and President of Pellerin Potvin Gagnon S.E.N.C.R.L., one of the largest independent accounting firms in Quebec. Mr. Pellerin also serves as the Executive Chairman of Terravest Industries Inc. Mr. Pellerin is a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Michael Rapps

Michael Rapps is President and CEO of Clarke Inc. Mr. Rapps previously acted as Managing Director of Geosam Capital Inc., a private investment company focused on investing in small and mid-capitalization companies with a focus on real estate and industrial investments. Prior to joining Geosam, Mr. Rapps practiced corporate law. Mr. Rapps holds a BCL and an LLB from McGill University. Mr. Rapps serves on the Board of Clarke Inc. and Trican Well Service Ltd.

Marc Staniloff

Marc Staniloff is President and Chief Executive Officer, and the founding Partner, of Superior Lodging Corp., a privately owned, vertically integrated hotel company, focused on the development, investment, and management of nationally franchised, limited service hotels in Canada. Mr. Staniloff received his Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Calgary. Mr. Staniloff was previously a director of Holloway Lodging Corporation and brings significant hotel industry experience to Clarke.