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Clarke is an investment company. Our objective is to maximize shareholder value. While not the perfect metric, we believe that Clarke’s book value per share, together with the dividends paid to shareholders, is an appropriate measure of our success in maximizing shareholder value over time.

We attempt to maximize shareholder value by allocating capital to investments that we believe will generate high returns and reallocating capital over time as needed. In doing this, Clarke’s goal is to identify investments that are either undervalued or are underperforming and may be in need of positive change. These investments may be companies, securities or other assets such as real estate, and they may be public entities or private entities. We do not believe in limiting ourselves to specific types of investments. From time to time, Clarke will invest passively in a security where it believes the security is undervalued and there is no need for change or where it believes the security is undervalued but that the management team in place at the underlying company is doing an appropriate job to reduce the undervaluation. More often, Clarke will seek active involvement in the governance and/or management of the company in which it invests. In these cases, Clarke will have acquired the security with a view of changes that could be made to improve the underlying company’s performance and maximize the company’s value. When Clarke believes that an investee company has implemented appropriate changes and/or the value of the investee company has reached or exceeded its intrinsic value, Clarke may sell its investment. Clarke generally invests in industries that have hard assets, including manufacturing, industrial, energy and real estate businesses.

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