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Stock Information

Clarke’s securities trade on the TSX under the following symbols:

CKI Common Stock
CKI.DB.A Convertible Debentures

The total numbers of outstanding common shares and convertible debentures of Clarke Inc., as of the date indicated below, are as follows:

 Outstanding:Last Updated on:
Common shares (TSX: CKI) 19,781,926 4/23/2014
Convertible debentures due 2018 (TSX: CKI.DB.A) $ 24,181,300 4/23/2014

Eligible Dividend Declaration

All dividends paid by Clarke Inc. since January 1, 2006 are eligible dividends for the purposes of the enhanced dividend tax credit rules included in the Income Tax Act and similar provincial legislation. Unless otherwise indicated, all dividends paid by Clarke Inc. hereafter will be eligible dividends.

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